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3rd party websites with full device mode

In some cases your customer might need to navigate to a 3rd party website or application. This could be to access a payment portal, a redirected login page, or to troubleshoot another application.

Our full device mode feature allows the agent to continue along this journey with the customer without interruption. 

Video walkthrough

Enable full device mode

You must first enable full device mode within your account settings. Go to Account Settings -> General -> Session Settings and toggle the full device upgrade on. This is shown in the screenshot below.


Toggle full device mode on during a session

During a session, toggle the full device option. This is pictured in the screenshot below.


The end user is presented with a consent dialog (if enabled). If they accept the request then the full device sharing begins. 

Note: when the end user is on the web then they are also asked which screen/window/application they would like to share with the agent. Once this is selected, then the full device sharing begins.

Ending full device mode

To end full device mode, simply toggle full device mode off.

Note: if full device mode is toggled off outside of the webpage or application on which the  session was first initiated, then this will disrupt the agent's view of the end user's device.

Technical details and code samples

For technical details and code samples, such as full device mode by default, see our full device documentation and sample code on github

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