Help! I have issues with my Zendesk account

If you sign up via our website before signing up through Zendesk, then you now have two accounts with two different license keys and only one is linked to Zendesk!

You can check which account is linked to Zendesk by switching between accounts and looking in the Account Settings -> Integrations tab in your dashboards. Only the account which is linked to Zendesk will have a Zendesk subdomain listed:

The other will look like this:

What is the solution?

Whilst we work on a solution for this, you should check that you are within the account that is linked to Zendesk when performing key integration steps. This includes:

  1. using your Zendesk-linked account license key to set up the SDKs (you will see that no devices appear in Zendesk if the wrong license key has been used during set up)
  2. using the Billing tab within Zendesk to purchase licenses for the correct account
  3. modifying account-level settings

If you work only from your Zendesk account then you will have no problems!

Please contact if you need help and we will be happy to assist.