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Login periods

Login periods are determined by Cobrowse authentication method.

Non-JWT authentication

This includes SAML, Google, Github, Intercom OAuth, and magic email links.

After first authentication, there is a 7 day rolling extension applied whenever users log in within the previous 7 day extension period. After the 30th consecutive day of these extension periods, users are challenged to authenticate again and the period is reset.

If users do not authenticate within an extension period, then the period is reset and they are challenged to authenticate again.

JWT authentication

Authentication based on JWTs is determined by the JWT lifetime. This is 1 day for our out-of-box  integrations within Salesforce, Zendesk, and Genesys. This is determined by your own JWT policy if you use your own JWTs, e.g. in a custom integration.

Exception: Intercom apps

Cobrowse within Intercom uses 1 hour timeouts for the messenger / inbox apps.

Using the “Login with Intercom” option is separate, and uses the standard non-JWT periods listed above.

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