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What version of the SDK am I using?

It is often useful to know what version of the SDK you are using.

The easiest way to find what version of an SDK is being use is via the cobrowse dashboard. When a device is registered or when a session is started the SDK version will be reported. You can either find the device in the device list or the session in the history tab. 

CobrowseIO dashboard showing the SDK versions of registered devices.

An alternative way of finding what SDK version is being used is to look to the console output of the Cobrowse SDKs.


Open the webpage where the Cobrowse SDK is included. Once CobrowseIO.start() has been called the version of the web SDK will be printed to the console.

Image showing the web SDK version appearing in the console.

Mobile SDKs

For the mobile SDKs you will need access to the App's source code or a debuggable build.

If you have access to the source code you can check what version of the Cobrowse SDK has been checked out by looking to the .resolved, build.gradle or .lock file of your dependency manager. 

A screenshot of build.gradle file showing what version of the SDK is being used.

If you have a debuggable build of the app you can attach it to a debugger. The SDK version will be printed to the console once start() has been called.

Screenshot of the mobile SDK version being printed to the console of a debuggable build.