Account setup

Follow this guide to set up your free account, with unlimited trial period. No payment details required!

Are you using one of our out-of-box CRM integrations?

This includes Zendesk, Genesys, Salesforce, Intercom, and Freshdesk users.

If so, then follow the instructions for the integration you will use here:

Using our website dashboard or your own integration


Register for an account using using your email address, Google, Github, or Intercom account. The company name that you enter will be used for all agents that are added to the account and can be changed later. 

Add team members and configure privileges

Follow the Configuring Team Members instructions!

Configure your account settings

Set the Account Configuration options that are right for your use case.

Add our SDKs to your website or applications and begin!

Adding our SDKs is simple and fully documented:

If you would like to add the agent's view inside your own environment instead of our website dashboard (e.g. in your existing in-house agent portal), then see our custom integration options: We also have a useful guide for agent-side integrations.

Upgrading your account

When you are satisfied with your testing and are confident to move forward, then you can upgrade to paid licenses using the billing tab in your account settings. More information on our pricing can be found at

Planning to self-host?

Then reach out to us at! You can still complete your proof-of-concept using our hosted services by following the steps above!