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Configuring team members

Add team members to your account, configure their user privileges, and remove them if needed

Most of the time you will be working as a team to support your users, and so it is important to manage your team from within Cobrowse.io too!

Adding members

Go to the Team Membership tab in Settings in the Administrator dashboard and click Generate Join Link: 


Then, share the link with the team members you would like to add! Links are one-time use only. Do not share this link in public channels or with anyone outside of your team.

If you are using a custom integration with our JSON Web Token authentication then you may add many agents at once. Simply allow them to authenticate from your agent-side integration and they will be added to your account automatically. 

Configure privileges

Once added, Administrators can configure user privileges using the dropdown menu:


For authentication using JWTs, this information is specified in the 'role' claim within the JWT, e.g. "role": "administrator".

Removing team members

Simply click the trash can icon next to the team member you wish to remove!