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Creating separate accounts

Having multiple separate accounts can be useful, e.g.:

  1. to have separate development/testing accounts from your production account
  2. to manage multiple client accounts (e.g. for Cobrowse partners, or self-hosted clients)

To do this, you must register a new account at https://cobrowse.io/register (or your self-hosted domain) with an email address that is not currently added to any Cobrowse.io accounts. Easy ways to do this include:

  • using the additional username "+" syntax in email addresses, e.g. if you are already registered to Cobrowse using joe@example.com, then you should be able to use joe+1@example.com, joe+clientName@example.com, or any other supported text after the "+" sign and still receive the emails at joe@example.com. Most mail providers support this.
  • use a team email address to set the accounts up, and later remove this address so that it is no longer associated with the account.

We recommend using a descriptive company name, such as Your Company [DEV], so that it is clearly labelled when you are switching between accounts.

After setting the account up, you can add your existing email addresses (and others) to this account in the usual way by Adding Team Members.