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Enterprise Package

We provide enterprise-grade software for all of our users. But, even the best software may not be enough without the hosting, support, and contracting options to match it. This is why we offer the Cobrowse.io Enterprise Package.

Package benefits

The Enterprise Package entitles you to:

  • Enterprise legal agreements and MSAs
  • Due diligence across privacy, security, legal, and commercials
  • 24x7 incident response & SLAs
  • Self-hosting via Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud or on-premise


Self-hosting Cobrowse.io is an optional benefit of the Enterprise package. You can still choose to use our hosted cloud options if you wish. 


The Enterprise Package is an additional cost to any licenses that are purchased, and it is priced at $4,500 USD/year. 

See this and our license pricing on our pricing page.

If you have any further questions then please reach out to us!