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How do I connect to the right device?

We provide two main ways to make sure your agents can connect to the correct device. These methods can usually be customized to fit your connection flow. 

Custom data - "smart connect"

Present only the correct device to your agents for a simple one-click-to-connect flow. 

Common use cases

  • Cobrowse during live chat
  • Cobrowse with users who are logged in to your website or application
  • Cobrowse with your remotely managed devices
  • Creating your own custom connection flow


Send information about your devices to Cobrowse.io so it appears on your agents' screens: https://docs.cobrowse.io/sdk-features/identify-your-devices.

Note: if you are using our pre-built integrations, e.g. Genesys, Salesforce, then no additional implementation is required from you - our software should do it automatically. 

For example, this could be set as a user logs in, or as they begin a live chat using their contact information or unique chat identifier. 

You can test this on your own website by directly entering custom data into the javascript console, e.g. set the data in the screenshot using the below code in the end user's browser:

CobrowseIO.customData = {
user_id: "1234",
user_name: "Bill",
user_email: "bill@example.com",
device_id: "12345",
device_name: "Bill's Macbook" ,
company_name: “ACME Inc”};

In production, this data is usually entered programmatically using variables that you already store in the user's web browser or mobile application session/context.

6-digit support codes

End users can initiate sessions by generating a unique 6-digit code to send to the agent through live chat or read out over the phone: https://docs.cobrowse.io/sdk-features/6-digit-codes.

When the agent types this code into the dashboard, they immediately connect to the end-user's device.  

Common use cases


We provide the API to generate the 6-digit code and allow you to customize the UI. This means that you can decide the UX/UI and contact flow for your users. Example here: https://docs.cobrowse.io/sdk-features/customize-the-interface/customize-6-digit-code-screen

See our article on integrating 6-digit support codes into your websites or apps for a more complete guide.


For any questions, or other supported connection flows please email us at hello@cobrowse.io.