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How can I reduce the data that is stored?

For compliance reasons or to reduce self-hosted storage costs you may wish to reduce the data that is stored.

All data is encrypted in transmission and at rest. See our website security summary

By default, Cobrowse believes in storing the minimum data to provide the service. See what data is stored during your use of our service. 

You can further reduce the data that is stored by taking the actions below. 

Disabling the below features will reduce certain functionality, such as the smart connect button or useful auditing features. 

Disable session recordings

The Record Sessions setting can be disabled from the settings page within your Cobrowse dashboard. This will stop Cobrowse from storing the recordings from any session.

This includes the video recording of the session and the audit log of events that occurred during that session. See our article on Session Recordings for more information. 

Note: this setting does not disable the account Audit Trail.

Discard IP addresses

By default, IP addresses associated with privileged account actions are stored so that you can audit them. If you wish you can disable the storing of IP addresses by enabling the Discard IP Addresses setting from the settings page within your Cobrowse dashboard.

Remove or reduce what is set in custom data

If you are using the optional custom data feature then you can reduce what is set in the custom data, or decide to not use that feature at all.

Stop devices from registering themselves

To enable the smart connect button from within the dashboard, a device will report its presence to Cobrowse. If your use case only requires using 6 digit codes then there is no need for a device to register itself.

You can disable this at the account level by navigating to the settings page within your Cobrowse dashboard and turning off the Device Sockets setting.

If you wish to disable the device registration at the application level, rather than the account level, this can be done via our SDKs by modifying your CobrowseIO.start() call to include options to disable registration as seen below.

CobrowseIO.start({ register: false });

This will prevent the SDK from contacting the Cobrowse server until a screen sharing session is required.


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