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Session metadata

Session metadata is information that is associated with a previous session. In the Cobrowse dashboard, it appears as follows:

Session metadata can be downloaded by clicking the Download button in the top right of the screenshot. It can also be downloaded programmatically, for example for large batch downloads. 

The metadata is downloaded in .csv format and appears as follows:

This is in addition to any custom data that you specify for your devices. 

You can parse this information into your analysis pipeline to create reporting and analytics. 

Data fields

.csv download

Data fields contained in the session metadata when using the manual .csv download are listed below.

Field name Description Determined by
device_locale locale used by the device, e.g. en-GB (English, Great Britain) user agent
os_version Operating System, e.g. MacIntel user agent
os_api_level API level (e.g. Android API 30) user agent
app_id App ID/URL (e.g. https://cobrowse.io) user agent
app_name App/URL name user agent
app_version App version user agent
app_build App Build user agent
sdk_version Cobrowse SDK version Cobrowse SDK
platform Platform, e.g. web, iOS, Android Cobrowse SDK
agent_name Agent's display name displayName set from the dashboard, JWTs, or SAML
agent_email Agent's email address agent's email address used for authentication
session_id Unique Cobrowse session ID Cobrowse.io/self-hosted server
session_created Date/time session created YYYY-MM-DD HH-MM-SS
session_ended Date/time session ended YYYY-MM-DD HH-MM-SS
Additional custom data fields Chosen and added by you https://docs.cobrowse.io/sdk-features/identify-your-devices
Additional integration data fields Additional data added by a Cobrowse.io CRM integration, e.g. genesys_conversation_id Cobrowse.io integration

API download

All data fields above are also provided in the API download. Additional fields are listed below.

Any questions? Please reach out to us at hello@cobrowse.io.