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Web-only vs. All Platform licenses

Whilst named agent licenses determine how your agents are licensed, you also need the right license for the platform of your end user.

The correct license for each platform that we support is summarized in the table below. 

End user platforms (with SDK examples) and their supported licenses
End user platform Web-only license All Platform license

Web (on desktop and mobile)

i.e. on a website or web app that uses our web SDK

✔️ ✔️

Native mobile application

i.e. on an app that uses our iOS, Android, React Native, or Xamarin SDK


Native desktop application

i.e. on an app that uses our macOS or Windows SDK



The list pricing for our named agent licenses  for web-only and all platform can be found on our pricing page.

If you need any help, then get in touch with us at hello@cobrowse.io.