Adding to your own product

Use our software as feature-as-a-service to add white-label cobrowse technology to your own product or platform has been made with engineers in mind, and we'd love for you to add our solution to your own product.

Our product is fully white-labelled and comes with a range of compact, flexible, and stable SDKs so that you can completely customize your integration. It will look like in-house development!

Creating a Proof-of-Concept (PoC)

To build a basic PoC, follow our Account Setup guide and then use one of our agent-side options within your environment (e.g. internal CRM) to set up your agent-side UI Using a simple iFrame embed is a great (and the fastest) place to start. 

Beyond the PoC

When you're ready to move beyond the PoC to create your fully customized UX/UI, then you should look at the resources below:

  1. Review the agent SDK page to create a more tailored agent experience.
  2. Review the end user UI docs to customize the end-user experience.
  3. Visit our github example repos for extra code samples! Agent SDK, web SDK, and others!

See an example of what a simple and effective integration can look like with our Zendesk demo video:

For a sample customized in-session agent UI, see our custom agent UI demo.

Self-hosting your new cobrowse feature

You may choose to use one of our Cloud hosted SaaS offerings, but an optional step is to completely self-host your instance of!

Becoming a partner

If you would like more information about integrating with your own product and becoming a partner then get in touch with us at!