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Public cloud options

Our public cloud instance is:

  • Fully managed, maintained, and continuously monitored by us
  • Multi-tenanted, with logically separated client data
  • Served by multiple global streaming servers for fast content delivery
  • Designed and maintained with security as our top priority

Cobrowse.io cloud is available globally and offers different data residency options. By selecting the appropriate region to host your Cobrowse.io cloud services account, you can effortlessly adhere to applicable data protection regulations and laws.

The available options are:

  • Global public cloud 
  • EU public cloud
  • US-only hosting
  • Self-hosting - with self-hosting all your data will remain within your infrastructure be it on-premise or your selected cloud solution.

Global public cloud

This is the default option if you sign up via https://cobrowse.io/register or through our integration partners' websites (e.g. Zendesk, Genesys, Intercom, Freshdesk, Salesforce).

Simply follow the Account Setup instructions to begin.

EU public cloud

While the global public cloud is fully GDPR compliant, you might have stricter requirement on data processing and storage remaining within the Europe Economic Area. We offer the option to host your account on the dedicated EU public cloud instance, in this case please refer to the EU public cloud article.

US-only hosting

We can host on your behalf within our Global Public Cloud solution but restrict all processing and storage to the USA. Please contact us at hello@cobrowse.io for more information on this.


Another option is to self-host our software instance in your own infrastructure. This restricts the storage to your existing data center or cloud solution. See self hosting for more information.