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Named agent vs. active session licenses

We offer per-agent or per-active session licenses to meet a variety of use cases.

Once you have decided whether you need web-only or all-platform licenses for your platform usage, then the next step is to choose between the below license types for your agent usage.

Tip: Our licensing covers users who will start cobrowse sessions only, i.e. you do not need a license to just administer or oversee the account.

Named agent licenses

This license type grants unlimited sessions during a month to a single named agent (user). This is the default license type if you sign up via your billing dashboard https://cobrowse.io/dashboard/settings/billing.

Named agent licenses work like seats on your account that your agents occupy each month. At the beginning of each billing period (when your account is charged by us*) each agent who starts a cobrowse session occupies an available seat for the entire next month.

Once all of your licenses are occupied, any additional agents who try to start a cobrowse session see this message: "You have reached your user limit for the period."

All seats are cleared at the start of the next billing period and the licenses are allocated again.

Make sure to only let intended agents start sessions!

*Note: if you pay annually, then the license period is each month from the date of your payment. E.g. if you paid on 5th March, then your licenses are reallocated on the 5th of each month.

Active session licenses

Active session licenses are a scalable option for managing a large amount of agents or a low level of usage. These licenses are shared by all of your agents. They limit the maximum number of active co-browsing sessions allowed at the exact same time. This is explained in the example below.

Example: 5 web-only active session licenses

This means that the maximum number of active co-browse sessions you can have on your account at the exact same time is 5. The web-only license type means you can only cobrowse with end users who are on websites or web applications (including web on mobile).

  • Use case 1: using these licenses for your team support agents

The 5 licenses can be used by any agent on your account. This means that any of your agents can be logged into the cobrowse dashboard and start a cobrowse session, but only 5 agents may be in an active cobrowse session at the exact same time. 

  • Use case 2: using these licenses for your client sub-accounts

If you manage client sub-accounts on the same main account, then the 5 licenses can be used by any of your clients' agents. Any of your clients' agents can be logged into the cobrowse dashboard and start a cobrowse session, but only 5 may be in an active cobrowse session at the exact same time.

Note: in this case you cannot control how many licenses are allocated to each client sub-account as they are shared between your clients.

  • Use case 3: using these license for your self-hosted instance

If you intend to use your own self-hosted instance of Cobrowse.io then the 5 active session licenses are consumed by your entire instance and not individual accounts on your instance. This means that the licenses are shared between any tenant on this instance, and so your instance may run a maximum of 5 active cobrowse sessions at the exact same time.

These licenses can go very far; one of our customers was able to cover over 1000 agents with just 10 active session licenses! 

Also see our article on concurrent session license pricing!

Next steps

For named agent licensing, you can add these to your account via self-service at https://cobrowse.io/dashboard/settings/billing.

For active session licensing, please contact us at hello@cobrowse.io to add the first set of active session licenses to your account. After this, you can update the quantity via self-service. 

If these options do not work for your specific use case then we will be happy to hear from you and explore possible solutions, just contact hello@cobrowse.io