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Managing multiple sub-accounts

For your use case you might need to manage multiple (sub-)accounts for each of your own clients or internal teams within our Global or EU Public Cloud hosting options.

For example, as a Cobrowse.io partner you may offer our software as a feature in your own product, or you may have different internal teams supporting customers from different contexts.

How can this be managed? There are two main ways, described below. 

Within a single Cobrowse.io account, and using our JWTs for fine-tuned access controls

You may choose to manage multiple sub-accounts within your main Cobrowse.io account. This means that all agents will be managed within a single account. This is done using JWTs for authorization to your account.

You can scope the JWT authorization so that agents who belong to a single client or team may only access information and customer devices for that client or team, i.e. their access control is appropriately scoped.

In this situation, all agents share the same Account Settings and license key since they are managed by a single account. 

Using multiple Cobrowse.io accounts for each client or team

You may instead choose to manage separate Cobrowse.io accounts. This involves setting up a new account for each client or team, or allowing them to do this themselves and adding you as an Admin user to the account.

You may use either of our JWT or manual Team Membership authorisation methods for this approach. The benefit of using separate accounts is that each account can use different Account Settings and may also independently self-serve for Billing purposes.

If this does not work for your specific use case then we will be happy to hear from you and explore possible solutions, just contact hello@cobrowse.io!