Data that Cobrowse stores in its hosted clouds

Cobrowse stores the following data as part of its hosted cloud solutions for the sole purpose of providing the service. You will also store this information if you self-host

Agent data can include:

  • IP address (optional)
  • Browser’s user agent
  • Agent Name/Surname
  • Agent Email address

End-user data can include:

  • IP address (optional)
  • Browser’s user agent
  • Additional metadata which is personal in nature that you provide explicitly and directly to Cobrowse to tag and identify end-user devices as part of your use of the software

Session recordings (optional feature) can include:

  • Video recording of the end-user session, excluding any redacted elements
  • Audit log of agent actions (such as elements clicked, text entered)

You can review more details about this in our data protection article. We also have more information on reducing the data that is stored

Please contact for more information, and see our Privacy Policy